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What a wonderful match of writer and narrator! Wiley's warm voice is rich, nuanced, loving (where appropriate), and measured. …. Every voice is believable. Everything has a personality. They're heartfelt, well written, and expertly portrayed. © AudioFile 2016
"Narrator Elizabeth Wiley impeccably inhabits the young man as he copes with this terrifying situation. ... Wiley’s true-to-life German and French accents, characterizations, and performances of moving hymns and war songs add to the atmosphere of this fine novel. ... Wiley deftly presents a range of emotions; in particular, her evocation of personal terror is realistic and nerve-racking."
© AudioFile 2015

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Under a War-Torn Sky
young adult history
Temptation in a Kilt



Enemies of Versailles:
Mistresses of Versailles, Book 3

Historical Fiction

a few


2016 Voice Arts Awards Finalist - Inspirational Fiction
2016 AudioFile Earphones Award
2015 Voice Arts Awards Finalist - Children's Audiobook
2015 AudioFile Earphones Award & SYNC 2015

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2013 Sultry Listeners Awards: Winner for Best Historic Romance; Best Romance Finalist

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"Elizabeth Wiley is one of the best narrators on earth. Her character voices are phenomenal. This was a great book and a really fun way to bring French history to life (even for those who know little about French history). Wonderful, colorful stories; characters sound real; lots of emotion, but hands down the best part of this book is the narrator."  - proofer

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"Elizabeth Wiley’s voice brought my story to life. With her convincing Scottish brogue and Gaelic fluency, I was able to escape to early 17th century Scotland. Every character was portrayed with the passion I’d envisioned when I wrote my debut novel. Not only did I hear the emotional upheavals of each person, but I felt them, even shedding a tear."  Award-winning author Victoria Roberts

In the Land of Armadillos
historical fiction
And Then There Were Nuns
2016 Audies Finalist - Inspirational/Faith-based Non-fiction
"Narrator Elizabeth Wiley captures ... with a delivery that moves smoothly between wry humor and serious musings. ... Wiley's conversational tone allows light moments to shine while providing gravity for darker memories. Her convincing British and Canadian accents add authenticity to this intriguing listening experience." © AudioFile 2014, Portland, Maine

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"Narrator Elizabeth Wiley delivers this unique addition to the canon of Holocaust literature without a flaw. Wiley's ability to juxtapose Shankman's descriptions of Nazi atrocities with the serenity and beauty of the natural world is expertly understated....Each lyrical story merges the ordinary with the horrific, and Wiley makes each one poignant without sentimentality.... Must listening."  © AudioFile 2016
2016 AudioFile Best of the Year
2016 AudioFile Earphones Award
science fiction
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Photography by Kip Pierson, Dan Plehal, Lynn Hales, Elizabeth Wiley

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